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“Burgerdeugd, rechtvaardigheidszin en respect voor de publieke
opinie zijn voorwaarden voor het bestaan van een samenleving”

-  Socrates
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Information in English


The Agora Europe Foundation was established in 1990. A number of idealistic pragmatists had a common ambition to achieve democratic renewal en revitalise public debate. This resulted in many different activities; interactive processes on national, regional and local level, conferences and campaigns, surveys, training on the job, support of citizen initiatives. An overview of projects in the last 10 years is listed below.

A New Life for Old Buildings


As a result of a symposion we organised a public campaign on restoration and re-use of old buildings, and we published a walking-, biking- and navigation guide book, that leads the reader past numerous restored and re-used buildings in Amsterdam. This popular guide book was translated in English in 2007. 'A New Life for Old Buildings' can be ordered here.


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Overview of Agora Europa projects
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